Pianomart was set up by Chris Dolby in 2010 to sell a range of second hand pianos. The aim is to offer a selection of instruments for sale in one place so that the customer is able to make a sensible comparison.

Although the company is relatively new, it is backed by my 30 years of experience as a Piano Tuner. All of the pianos for sale are carefully chosen to provide value for money at their particular price level.

Some people will tell you that you should always buy a new instrument, but many of us are not prepared to spend two or three thousand pounds on a piano. The concept of a “Beginner’s Piano” is often sneered at in the industry, and it is certainly possible to buy a piano from a neighbour or off Ebay that is virtually unplayable. I am regularly called upon to attempt life-saving surgery on such an instrument! However, many older pianos, whilst not capable of a career on the concert platform, are nevertheless perfectly adequate and will provide many years of enjoyment for the beginner or average pianist, if regularly maintained.

In addition to these basic pianos, I also generally stock some quality second hand English and German instruments and some nearly-new pianos that are suitable for any level of playing.

Buy pianos at our piano shop AND have them delivered to:

Berkshire, Surrey, Hampshire,  Reading,  Bracknell,  Camberley,  Wokingham, Farnborough, Farnham,  Yateley... many more places!